Meet Principle, Kristine Mills

Kristine has been in the business of marketing, branding, and advertising since 1991. She started InkWell Advertising to provide cost-effective marketing and advertising solutions for women-owned businesses and not-for-profit charitable organizations. This business has grown into InkWell Integrated Marketing Solutions.

Our development partner is Houston-based, award-winning, designer Asem Sheshtawy. He holds a degree in Communications from the University of Houston. He has been designing and programming websites since 2001, as well as honing his craft as a respected commercial artist and videographer.

We create:

  • Logos
  • Business Collateral: stationery, envelopes, and business cards
  • Corporate Collateral: brochures, manuals, and presentations
  • Internal corporate materials: annual reports, shareholder reports, quarterly reports, graphic standards
  • Illustrations and unique graphics
  • Videos: loops, time-lapse, and documentaries
  • Industry-specific press releases
  • Crisis management solutions
  • Billboards and other signage
  • Media Buys: local, regional, national, and international
  • Ad design for newspaper and magazine advertising both in print and on the web
  • Fully responsive websites for small and large businesses
  • Create e-commerce sites
  • Build CMS for internal management of completed sites
  • Build and monitor SEO
  • Create integrated advertising and marketing plans to drive traffic to your business on the street and on the web
  • All the above can be created in English, Spanish, and Portuguese
Our goal is to function as your full-service, in-house, marketing, and advertising department, but for much less money. Ultimately we try to create fully interactive websites and social media platforms that can be maintained by your own staff, but we’re always around when you need our help!

We have a proven record of creating successful web-based and/or print-based collateral and branding for our clients.